Marketing Services at Wolfberry Media

Marketing and advertising is a key aspect for any business whatever the size and is essential for creating interest, generating leads and getting the word out about a new company. Here at Wolfberry Media we offer a range of marketing, social media and advertising services.

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Marketing Services

Two of the biggest positives about living in a digital age is the ability to market your business online. This enables you to attract customers and generate interest or leads through your website or social media channels.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the biggest factor in obtaining organic traffic to your website from Google and Bing searches. All of our sites come with on-page SEO, this includes ensuring keywords for your business are included in relevant areas and also that your pages follow the correct hierarchy. Although SEO results are not necessarily instant, we do offer ongoing support. Our support includes regular updates, keyword analysis and also competitor analysis so that we can try and improve rankings.

We can install Google Analytics on your site if required, allowing you to track and monitor visitors to your website. Analytics can be used to generate reports regarding which parts of your site are visited most and track customer behavior.

Advertising Services

The majority of businesses use social media channels today whether that be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Social media can be used to attract new customers, share information or inform customers of new products or services. Here at Wolfberry Media we offer pay-per-click advertising management services for Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and more.

With our advertising services, we can help to setup and manage your advertising campaigns to ensure that you are meeting your required goals with regards to each advert set and also make sure that best practices are being followed. You are able to set up a budget for each service and you only pay for each link which is clicked on. If you would like to know more about any of our advertising or marketing services then please contact us.