Does my small business really need a website?

Does My Company Need A Website | Wolfberry Media Website Blog

Yes, you most definitely do, and here are some good reasons why…

With the ever-increasing reliance on people using the internet for finding and using services online, your small business could be missing out on the biggest source of advertising available, can you really afford to miss out on getting your brand name in front of the people searching online?

A website builds trust in your brand

If you were looking for a company to perform a service for you, and you were searching online, would you trust a single directory listing for the company or would you choose a company with a website which describes their services in detail, shows customers reviews and provides a simple way for you to get in touch with them? Which leads me to my next point…

Potential customers want reviews

You can use your website to show potential customers what previous clients thought of your services, you can provide your potential clients with social proof that you have happy customers who are satisfied with your work, allowing people to make an informed decision on whether to use your services or not.

You decide what people read about your company

With your own website, you can control the content which is shown about your company. You control the services, reviews and contact details which are shown to customers.

Adding a blog and/or case studies to your site can also help to showcase you and your brand’s personality, whilst also allowing for you to show your knowledge on the services which your company provides.

Fantastic value for money

While traditional marketing and advertising methods clearly still do have a place in getting the word out for small businesses, integrating an online solution such as a website or online store can work out much more profitable in the long run, and also has the added bonus of actually being able to monitor how successful your website, store or marketing campaign is with the help of online tools.

You don’t need to spend a fortune

A website doesn’t have to be an extremely expensive investment, the important thing is that you get value for money from your site. While you could go with a free website builder or something along those lines, they tend not to perform as well as a professionally built website. If you’re looking for an affordable website then why not get in touch with us?

Your competitors all have a website already

If your competitors already have a website then you probably have some catching up to do, while your competitors are selling their products online, gathering reviews and building an online presence, you’re busy mailing out flyers and relying on directories such as Yell and Thomson Local to advertise your business for you.

Show up in Google Search

With an online presence, and well thought out local SEO, you can ensure that you appear in Google Search results, as well as appearing on Google Maps and also on the Google knowledge panel, and with plenty of businesses neglecting the local search side, it’s a prime opportunity to muscle your way to the top. At Wolfberry Media we provide an in-depth Local SEO service to businesses in Perth, Dundee and Fife.

Showcase your brilliant work

Having your own website gives you the power to showcase all that’s great and good about your companies work, whether that’s a new bathroom installation, a new product in stock or just about any new service. You can show the world your pictures and write what you want about them, including case studies and blog articles.